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Review for KCO Black Round Wall Mount Light-W8012

Nov 16,2022 | KCO HOME

Product Name - KCO Black Round Wall Mount Light

Wall Mounted Spot Light Black wall sconce Black Ring wall sconce with spotlight

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Review Connent: 

  • We love it! We put it in out stairwell because we don't like a lot of light, but want to keep it on to see at night. The black looks great with our other black metal accents. I love the modern look.
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Nordic Style Metal Ring Wall Lamp 1-Light Cylindrical Spotlight wall light
  • Reviewer: Kelly
  • Review Date: February 1, 2021

Review Connent:

  • A little larger than I anticipated although I didn’t measure at all. I misjudged product size by photo references on Amazon. Still very happy with purchase. Looks amazing ! Lights included are very bright, we will replace with softer ones. Install was a little challenging but easy to troubleshoot. Perhaps because we installed over a very old original wall mount and sizing wasn’t compatible however we made it work !
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Nordic Minimalist Ring Wall Lamp

  • Reviewer: RJulio
  • Review Date: May 25, 2020

Review Connent:

  • They turned out great! We had an electrician install them because they DO need to be hard wired into the wall! Great value for the price!
  • Images in this review:
  • Reviewer: Zach P
  • Review Date: March 10, 2022

Review Connent:

  • Ilumina perfecto, de día pareciera solo luz de decoración, sin embargo, proporciona luz de forma adecuada, estética, elegante y fácil de instalar
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  • Reviewer: Cliente de Amazon
  • Review Date: July 25, 2021

Review Connent:

  • So easy to install. They are large. We hung ours upside down with the light facing the ceiling for ambient lighting in the corners of the living room. Not bright. Gives off light equivalent to a bright nightlight, but that is perfect for our setting and needs. Perfect match for a mid-century modern, contemporary, or modern home. Couldn’t be happier.
  • Reviewer: Leslie
  • Review Date: December 29, 2020